Kid With Johnny Football Haircut Sent Home From School By Principal


“The young man was told today that he needs to change his hair style so that it meets the standard of the district dress code. We want him to return to school tomorrow. If his hair does not meet the district standard, he will be placed in an area of the school where he will not distract the learning of others,” the statement added. “We appreciate the young man’s enthusiasm for Johnny and everyone in the community is just as excited.”

Yeah right. Check that principal’s papers. I bet he has relatives in Tuscaloosa. Anyway, ESPN then dropped the following line in their story like it was normal.

Last spring, a 12-year-old junior high school student in San Antonio was suspended after having his shaved by another barber to resemble the face of Spurs forward Matt Bonner because officials deemed his haircut a distraction, as well.

Matt Bonnar!? Talk about burying the lede. If you would like the face of Johnny Football – or Matt Bonner! – shaved into your head, it will cost you $100 and a trip to San Antonio.


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