Kid Rock Tells Tucker Carlson That Donald Trump Asked For Advice on North Korea on the Golf Course

Stephen Douglas

Tucker Carlson scored a big win for FOX News by landing an exclusive sitdown interview with Kid Rock which aired on Monday, the same day Kid Rock's new album, Bad Reputation, was released. During the wide ranging conversation Kid Rock talked about a round of golf he played with Donald Trump. While he did not want to talk out of school, Rock did tell Carlson about a tweet that Trump was workshopping during the round which would later show up online, "reworded, and more political and a little politically correct."

Rock then says he was looking at maps which he wondered if he should be seeing before Trump asked him what he thought he should do about North Korea. This apparently made Kid Rock do a spit take.

Perhaps this is just an anecdote from a gifted storyteller, but we recently saw Trump reach out to John Daly to talk about Russia, so why not ask for the advice of another trusted supporter on the golf course? In between conversations about their mutal friend, Bill Belichick, of course.