Khalil Mack Kept Working Out During a 12-Minute Interview With Media

Brian Giuffra
Khalil Mack at training camp.
Khalil Mack at training camp. / Pool/Getty Images

Khalil Mack wasn't satisfied with his 2019 season. He admitted as much on a conference call with the media last weekend, saying, "it wasn't good enough, it wasn't good enough at all." He then took a few labored breaths and continued riding his peloton.

For anyone wondering how focused Mack is on having a bounce-back season, look no further than this interview. After rushing home from practice, he was reminded he had to speak with the media. Rather than change his routine, however, he just banged out a few miles on the bike while being peppered with questions.

It isn't often that players do interviews while working out. It's obvious why watching this one. Mack's answers are short and unilluminating. He goes back to cliches like "I love this game" and "I can't wait to get out there with my teammates." He's also breathing heavily. Must have been going up a hill.