Khalil Mack Once Choke Slammed a Bears Offensive Lineman During Practice

Brian Giuffra
Khalil Mack.
Khalil Mack. / James Gilbert/Getty Images

One of the most interesting things about the NFL is, like an iceberg, most people only see a small portion of the full picture. The product displayed for 3-4 hours on Sunday is the result of countless hours put in behind the scenes at practice. As interesting as the games are, there are just as many crazy moments happening away from the prying eyes of television cameras.

Take, for instance, this anecdote provided by Bears tight end Cole Kmet. The 2020 rookie was asked about blocking All-Pro defensive end Khalil Mack for the first time and conveyed his excitement that he did a pretty good job. Then he saw Mack choke slam an offensive lineman and it changed Kmet's whole perspective on things. He quickly realized he wasn't getting the best of Mack. Here's the video:

Just consider watching Mack, listed at 6-3, 260 pounds, lift a 300-plus pound offensive lineman off his feet with one hand and choke slam said offensive lineman to the ground. Must have been astounding to witness. It also serves as a reminder to us mere mortals how different these humans are built from us. Might as well be from a different planet.

It's always interesting when you get these behind-the-scenes looks at the NFL. What we see on Sundays is spectacular, but what happens during the week is sometimes just as interesting. Khalil Mack choke slamming an offensive lineman certainly falls under that category.