Keyshawn Johnson: There's No Difference Between Russell Wilson and Geno Smith For Seahawks

Liam McKeone
Geno Smith
Geno Smith / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Geno Smith has performed above expectations so far for the Seattle Seahawks and submitted his best game of the season on Sunday, leading the offense to 48 points and a win over the Detroit Lions. The man he replaced, meanwhile, is having a tough time of things in Denver. Russell Wilson's Broncos are 2-2 and really should be 0-4, all things considered. Smith is outperforming Wilson statistically and people are noticing.

Keyshawn Johnson touched on the subject during Keyshawn, JWill, & Max this morning and said there's really no difference between the two quarterbacks when it comes to the Seahawks.

Hard to say he's wrong. Sunday's game was a bit of aberration but overall the Seahawks are winning games pretty much the same way they did with Wilson. It's how Pete Carroll wants to win-- a strong run game and a stingy defense featuring a quarterback who can make the throws when asked, but the whole system isn't overly reliant on that quarterback making said throws.

The real test will come when Seattle faces an elite quarterback. Jared Goff played out of his mind on Sunday but it wasn't a QB duel as much as it was consistent failures by both defenses for 60 minutes. Can Smith keep them in a game against teams with upper-echelon QBs? That will determine how viable any championship hopes are for the Seahawks.

In the interim, though, the Seahawks are getting the same production at a fraction of the cost. They'll be quite happy with that for now.