Kevin Pillar Was Hit in the Face With a Jacob Webb Fastball

Kevin Pillar hit in the face by a fastball.
Kevin Pillar hit in the face by a fastball. /

Kevin Pillar was hit in the face by a pitch from Jacob Webb during Monday night's Atlanta Barves - New York Mets game. Pillar walked off the field on his own, but this is absolutely horrific. Everyone was clearly shaken as Pillar went to the ground and blood poured from his nose. Video below.

UPDATE: Pillar tweeted that he was OK.

Webb had a fastball get away from him on a 1-2 count and the bases loaded and Pillar took it right off the nose. The sound it made was as loud as it would have been if it had hit his bat. Absolutely brutal. After Pillar got up the game was pause to clean up the blood.

Here is the aftermath as everyone was clearly shaken. Braves' manager Brian Snitker took Webb out of the game.