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Kevin Negandhi Accepts Pat Riley's Challenge, Does Surprise Push-Ups on 'SportsCenter' Anchor Desk

Kyle Koster

Pat Riley had an entertaining press conference yesterday in the wake of the Miami Heat's elimination in which he challenged Kyle Lowry to get in better shape and Bam Adebayo to become a complete player. He answered a question about next year's roster construction by inexplicably stating that he "runs it back" with his wife every week and bragged about his physical prowess at age 77. So, you know, a lot like most trips over to grandpa's house: super awkward but in the end you're happy you checked in on him.

At one point he challenged reporters to a feat of strength as though he were at a Festivus celebration, proudly beating his chest and saying he could do more push-ups than anyone in the room.

No reporter had the courage to stand up and accept the challenge in the moment. But Kevin Negandhi, anchoring SportsCenter several hours later, rolled up his sleeves, got horizontal on the desk he was sharing with Elle Duncan, and cranked out 20-plus as the show went to commercial.

Surprisingly good form for someone who was reading shot sheets and adjusting their tie mere seconds before. Wouldn't be surprised if this ended with Negandhi getting a Muscle Milk sponsorship. Impromptu pushups are not something I knew I needed on my television but now it's going to be a bummer watching SportsCenters where the anchors don't rip off a quick set.