Four Potential Landing Spots For Kevin Love

Stephen Douglas
Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Minnesota Timberwolves

Love played the first six years of his career in Minnesota so he wouldn't even need help navigating the city. You'd be surprised how many visiting athletes become lost in the Mall of America for days at a time. Love in a Wolves' jersey might be oddly comforting.

The Timberwolves currently have a large hole up front with Karl-Anthony Towns injured and Love could fill that hole until he returns. Minnesota really need to fill that hole. They're currently the 6-seed in the Western Conference, but they're just a game and a half behind the Phoenix Suns for the 4-seed. If they struggle for a couple weeks, they're only two games up on the Blazers and Jazz who aren't even in the play-in right now. Anything Love can give the Timberwolves would be much appreciated.