Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott, Subway and Hooters, Appear to Be Mortal Enemies Now

NASCAR Cup Series Bass Pro Shops Night Race
NASCAR Cup Series Bass Pro Shops Night Race / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Kyle Larson won the Bass Pro Shops NIght Race at Bristol on Saturday night with Kevin Harvick coming in second. Chase Elliott finished 25th, but since the track is kind of like an oval everybody gets to interacted during the race no matter how well or poorly they're doing. That's why Harvick and Elliott were able to have a confrontation that involved getting out of their cars.

After the race Harvick told the press that Elliott had done something "chickensh-t," and that he told him during their discussion that he wanted to rip his head off.

The fact that Harvick was the one to leave his helmet on during their confrontation says he wasn't really looking for a scrap, but it also says he's smart because if you're weraing a hlmet when somebody punches you, they're the one most likely to get hurt.

To Harvick's credit, he also had a conversation with Elliott without his helmet on, which he ended by saying next time, "I'll just run you the f-ck over."

Hooters and Subway are now at war. Act accordingly.