Kevin Harlan Does a Great Migos Impression

Creighton v Duke
Creighton v Duke / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Kevin Harlan's talents know no bounds. During Thursday's Los Angeles Lakers - Milwaukee Bucks game on TNT, Harlan did a live read for Mountain Dew and replicated the "brr brr" sound from the Migos' Mountain Dew commercial.

Mountain Dew should be thrilled because without Harlan making this noise, the world would have zoned out this ad. Instead, we're blogging about it. People are tweeting about it. Kevin Harlan is set up to appear on a future Migos album. Just a successful partnership all around.

The only person who didn't make out in this exchange is Reggie Miller who said it was like sitting next to Cardi B. As we all know, Cardi has her own signature sound which is featured in a Pepsi ad. Which we are also now mentioning. So, just a big night all around for PepsiCo.