Kevin Durant When Told to Delete His Twitter: 'F--- That'

Liam McKeone
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Kevin Durant has been knocked out of the NBA playoffs, which means he is back online. It's great news for those who love the content even if it is bad news for KD who will have to watch the rest of the postseason from home and tweet with angst all the while.

His reemergence into the territory has already resulted in an entire night of insults from the NBA on TNT. Durant started things off on Tuesday by responding to Charles Barkley's claims that he was not the "bus driver" for his championships. It led to the Inside the NBA crew spending most of their evening poking fun at Durant, including a passionate response from Barkley and an Office skit.

Durant has yet to clap back on anything the TNT team did last night, but did respond with some NSFW language to one user who told him to delete his account and get back in the gym so he never gets swept in the first round again.

Pretty wild that @Swav_ay decided it would be a good idea to tweet that advice to Kevin Freaking Durant. But that is the nature of the internet. Absurd comments made behind the illusion of security and anonymity. This is obviously on the kinder side of what Durant usually endures in the mentions, but nevertheless.

Great news for everybody here, really. Durant being unashamedly online makes everything just a bit more interesting.