Getting Absolutely Worked By Kevin Durant Online Has to Be the Worst Way to Start a Week

Theo Wargo/GettyImages

It takes a true contrarian to say anything positive about Monday mornings because they are universally loathed. The realization that there will be five long, excruciating work days until the weekend has been known to break even the strongest men and women. There's no real way to defeat an early Monday morning, so the wisest people simply park the bus like an ultra-conservative soccer manager and hope to either wrestle it to a draw or find something on the counter-attack.

The polar opposite of this strategy is bringing a Twitter fight to Kevin Durant. Which is a choice. As you might suspect, it didn't end well.

Look, I don't want to oversell this interaction and it takes a real low life to write a blog post about a single tweet. It's just amazing that someone would have the courage to go at Durant. Maybe our friend with car and internet troubles is a better man than myself. Because to me, the prospect of ending up on the other end of one of KD's precision strikes is so frightening I have a hard time imagining risking it.

It's nice to see the offseason hasn't dulled the elite posting skills for one of our finest posters. If his game is half as sharp, it might take eight first-round picks to earn his services.