Kevin Durant Remains One of Our Best Posters

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

A tweet-length summation of a podcast drew the ire of Steve Kerr, which is another reminder of the omnipresent third rail that lies near the send button on everything on its way to being posted. One can remember a time not so long when being caught up in the online storm over something like this wasn't a concern, but that's neither here nor there.

Kevin Durant found the source material laughable and was told to relax by an uninvolved party. So Durant had to do it to him.

It remains an absolute joy to watch a poster in their prime operate on such a level. Rarely has an athlete operated at these joyous heights for such a prolonged period during the most productive years of their career. If there were some correlation between the caliber of player and caliber of Twitter presence, Durant would be all alone in a quadrant butting up against the corner like an old flying toasters screensaver used to do. The crazy thing is, that his closest company might be his current teammate Kyrie Irving.

If the Nets are able to win one or more titles in the next few years, we shouldn't lose this among the confetti. Definitely a snapshot of the times and merger of the on-court and online worlds.