Kevin Durant Says the New York Knicks Aren't Cool Anymore

Stephen Douglas
Brooklyn Nets Media Day
Brooklyn Nets Media Day / Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Kevin Durant continues to pile on the poor New York Knicks, months after he spurned them in free agency to sign with the Brookly Nets. Durant appeared on Hot 97's "Ebro in the Morning" and explained why the New York Knicks can't get any good players. It's not the bad owner, mind you. It's because the Knicks aren't cool anymore.

If anyone has insight into why star players don't sign with the Knicks, it would be the star player who didn't sign with the Knicks. So everyone out there who is giving James Dolan crap, just stop. He's blameless here and that will probably be in the team's media guide on opening night. Dolan might not have gotten any good free agents, but at least he got a quote from one.

Of course, the Knicks aren't cool because they haven't made the playoffs since 2013. And they haven't been to a conference finals since 2000. And Dolan has been the guy in charge the entire time, so actually, yeah, blame James Dolan.