Kevin Durant "Doesn't Want to Go Through This Next Year" as Warriors Rumors Heat Up

By Jason McIntyre

Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City was supposed to be shelved after the Thunder beat the Spurs in the playoffs, and then pushed the Warriors to seven games.

But according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, there are other issues that hadn’t previously been considered. Such as this: Broussard says that Durant doesn’t want to go through “this” again next year (even though he’ll sign a 2-year deal with a player option, which is the obvious financial move), which could mean any number of things.

Like he wants his decision this summer to be one that locks him in a spot for awhile. Is that Oklahoma City? One could argue that fashion plate Russell Westbrook is a goner to the Lakers or Knicks in 2018, so why would Durant lock into the Thunder?

Well, there is a franchise with two stars who are 26-years old and one 2-time MVP who is 28, so if Durant were to go there, he’d be lock into a loaded team for awhile.

I’ve discussed this on Speak for Yourself twice this week, and both times, Cowherd and Whitlock completely disagreed with me.

How do you not want the 3rd best player in the NBA? (There’s an argument he’s 2nd, actually). We’re talking about a guy who roasted the Defensive Player of the Year when it mattered in the 2nd round.

When presssed by ESPN, Broussard said if he was forced to pick a spot Durant would play next year, he’d go with the Warriors.