Kevin Durant Escalates Feud With Charles Barkley

Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

On Sunday night, Charles Barkley was featured on 60 Minutes and made several headlines. First he said college basketball players shouldn't be paid, then he took aim at Kevin Durant. Then Durant responded, escalating things.

Barkley said Durant was "very sensitive" and was "part of that generation who think he can't be criticized." Finally he said, "He's never looked in the mirror and says, 'Man, is that a fair criticism."

Video is below:

It didn't take long for Durant to respond on Twitter:

Pretty sure we'll be hearing more from these two in the near future.

Barkley is always honest when it comes to his opinions on NBA players. He's long held these beliefs about Durant, previously calling him a "bus rider" not a "bus driver." The new Phoenix Suns forward has never taken kindly to Barkley's criticisms. Which, you know, kind of proves his point.