Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard Have Discussed Teaming Up in Free Agency

Liam McKeone

Kevin Durant, despite his Achilles injury, is one of the most coveted free agents available. The only player ahead of him is Kawhi Leonard, the two-way superstar who just brought Toronto their first title. Now, they might be planning to team up.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports Durant and Leonard have discussed joining the same team in free agency, and the two potential landing spots are the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers.

This would be a tandem of epic proportions. While Durant will likely miss the entirety of next season, imagining him paired with Leonard is a scary proposition. We all saw what Leonard can do on both ends of the court during his absurd playoff run this year, and Durant has the capability of being an upper-echelon defender to pair with his historical offensive prowess.

The Clippers and Knicks would obviously be thrilled about this. The Knicks seem to make the most sense, seeing as they’re one of the reported landing spots for Durant and have the cap space to make it work immediately. The Clippers would need to move around some pieces to get the two max slots required to sign the two superstars, but would get it done in short order if the possibility of a Durant/Leonard duo is even mildly realistic.

We already knew this year’s free agency will change the landscape of the league to some degree. Durant and Leonard teaming up would completely upend any expectations for next season and the seasons following.