How Long Will It Take For the People of Northeast Kentucky Master Their First Roundabout?

Stephen Douglas
Northeast Kentucky's first roundabout is a big hit with locals.
Northeast Kentucky's first roundabout is a big hit with locals. /

There is a new roundabout in Northeast Kentucky (About 3 hours north of Harlan County) and people are struggling with the new circular intersection of Route 60 and Route 801 in Morehead. In a video recently posted on Reddit, you can see a bunch of cars attacking the traffic junction in many different manners. It appears to be complete chaos.

The first time you watch that video, you wonder what is wrong with these people? Traffic circles may be new to this area, but it's not like the highway department is suddenly asking people to drive on the other side of the road, which some of these drivers actually appear to be doing.

Who knows what the circle is like today because this video from a few days ago was clearly taken when traffic was only traveling northbound on 801. There are zero arrows painted on the road. It doesn't look like there are any signs up, but that still doesn't account for, well, most of the behavior of these drivers. Not a single one of them appears to pull into the Dollar General.

The best part about this is that the center island in this roundabout is meant to be drivable for tractor trailers, RV's and trucks hauling boats. Wait until we start seeing people try to merge while some guy in an Ferd Fteenthousand is dragging his boat full of whales straight through the intersection on his way to Cave Run Lake.

Honestly, I've learned so much about this area while writing this I'm totally craving some Pop's Southern Style BBQ.