Kenny Willekes' Freak Stuff is Playing Well With NFL Bigwigs

Kyle Koster
Kenny Willekes
Kenny Willekes / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Kenny Willekes was a zero-star prospect when he walked on at Michigan State. By the time he left he'd racked up significant accolades and molded himself into a legitimate NFL prospect. He's not being appreciated by evaluators as one of the better edge rushers available. Which is fine.

But, like another walk-on who found work in Mid-Michigan and has become the best at his position in the NFL, Willekes is intent on using the haters to his advantage. He put together this absurd video of his athletic prowess juxtaposed with quotes suggesting his shortcomings.

This is mildly interesting in and of itself. But knowing that the artistic choice is resonating with decision-makers is instructive.

Oh, yeah. NFL bigwigs are sitting around just marveling in this freak stuff. Possibly because they could always use a guy to take out the Prime Minister of Malaysia or appear in a team-approved Matrix spoof for social media.

Going viral has its merits. The pandemic has forced athletes to become their own content-creation company and Willekes used his time effectively. Time will tell just how effective a marketer he is.