Say What You Want About This Guy, But You Cannot Deny He Has a World-Class Laugh

Kyle Koster

Let's see here. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland. Not going to weigh in on him. That's up to a higher power if there is one and a highly-graded Major League umpire if there is not. Two things I do feel confident saying at this point: he, like me, is a media critic. And he has a laugh with more stamina than a rule-skirting Lance Armstrong.

Just when you think he's done, he finds another gear, another bucketful in the ol' reserve.

Imagine if you were, hypothetically, the man who told a joke that got the whole world laughing. If Copeland was the first person to hear it, you'd regret the devastating chain of events you had set in motion after about 40 seconds.

Surely the wildest thing he's ever done on videotape.