Kendrick Perkins Pays Tribute to Greg Cote By Blowing Past Hard Network Out

Kyle Koster
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

There was so much to talk about on First Take this morning, what with the NFL season rounding the quarter pole and the Miami Heat becoming the latest reason to use the Undertaker GIF on the internet. So it makes sense they couldn't fit it all in. And there's no shame in doing what Kendrick Perkins did, which is blow past a third base coach giving the stop sign with no hope of making it home safely.

Perkins nobly tried to explain why the Lakers would complete a gentleman's sweep but simply could not do so in the 34 seconds afforded to him. And who could? Some TikTok stars, sure. Normal people? No chance.

It is possible that this sequence was simply a savvy yet under-appreciated homage to Greg Cote, the Miami underwear columnist known for two things: cranky nostalgia and being brutalized by hard network outs. If that is, in fact, the case, then what a beautiful and perfectly executed tribute.

You never know!