Kendrick Perkins Stands By Kevin Durant Twitter Beef, Wishes it Didn't Overshadow Russell Westbrook OKC Return

Ryan Glasspiegel
Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook
Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Jump's producers must've been thanking their lucky stars that Kendrick Perkins happened to be booked the day after he got into an all-time Twitter spat with his former OKC Thunder teammate Kevin Durant.

After Rachel Nichols went through the Twitter spat piece by piece, she asked Perkins what his reaction to it was the next day:

Perkins' answer mainly consisted of regret not for all of the personal barbs he and KD exchanged, but that this tiff took on a life of its own and overshadowed all of the special moments from Russell Westbrook's return to Oklahoma City. He then defended the genesis of the opinion which was not that Westbrook was a better player than Durant, but that his aggregate achievements with the Thunder organization were greater.