Kendrick Perkins Imitated Stephen A. Smith in the 'First Take' Intro, Said a Bird Borrowed His Brain


Kendrick Perkins took Monday off for Juneteenth, but returned to First Take on Tuesday and did the show's introduction. Yelling from start to finish, Perkins lampooned Stephen A. Smith's own intro from last week, causing Smith to roll his eyes and laugh before he clutched his chest, having been sufficiently lampooned.

"Did you miss me? Let me answer that for you. Hell yeah, you missed Big Perk. I heard my name coming out of Stephen A.'s mouth all day yesterday, but guess what? I'm back live, in effect. We got Molly holding it down as usual. Yesterday was Juneteenth, I was outside barbecuing. I seen a bird in the air that was flying backwards. My little girl said Daddy, what's wrong that bird? I said, Nothing. He just borrowed Stephen A.'s brain yesterday because of the list he put was backwards as hell. Here we go. 'First Take' is in the house and I'm here to give Stephen A. all that work."

The list Perk was referring to was Stephen A.'s list of top NBA title contenders. The rest of the introduction was a callback to Smith's own return to the First Take studio after the NBA Finals ended. That featured him yelling similar things at an amused Brian Windhorst.

Definitely worth the parody. Especially when Smith called out Perkins for the taking the day off. He had to expect retribution.