Ken Jeong's Half-Court Shots at Game 1 of the NBA Finals Were Hilariously Off-Target

2023 NBA Finals - Game One
2023 NBA Finals - Game One / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was in Denver Wednesday night, as the Nuggets hosted the Miami Heat. The crowd wasn't exactly littered with celebrities -- maybe it had something to do with the altitude -- but Community star and The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong was in attendance. And the Nuggets' social media team milked that for every bit of it could. Then the team brought him on court to try some half-court shots during a break in the action. It didn't go super well for Dr. Ken.

He was just slightly off-target on these shots:

Yeesh, that was not great. Thank goodness everyone was paying attention or someone could have been injured.

Ken Jeong is awesome and we love him around these parts, but shooting basketballs is not his strong suit.