Ken Jennings Swore When He Realized He Gave Away a Jeopardy Clue


Jeopardy champions Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach met for an exhibition game this week. During a category called "Numbers Please," host Ken Jennings got a little carried away and revealed the final question in the category. When he was made aware of his flub he said, "oh sh-t." Everyone then shared a good laugh before Schneider selected the final answer, causing everyone to laugh again.

Now, before you get upset at Jennings for messing up a game, remember it was just an exhibition. And don't for a second think that Alex Trebek was above swearing when he made a mistake. Here's a short, NSFW, and very funny compilation of the beloved Canadian dropping a bunch of F-bombs.

Your move, Miyam Bialik.