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Kellyn Acosta Got Some Wild Questions at MLS Cup Media Day

Stephen Douglas

The Philadelphia Union and Los Angeles FC meet Saturday in the MLS Cup. Thursday was MLS Cup Media Day and while it's not quite the Super Bowl, some interesting questions still made their way to the event. One reporter asked Kellyn Acosta what it's like in Philadelphia right now, what with the success of all the local teams. Acosta, who plays for LAFC, was understandably confused before answering the question as best he could.

Showing up to a press conference and not knowing which team an athlete plays for is generally frowned upon. Though it was nice to hear the perspective of a Dallas Cowboys fan as Philly stakes its claim as the current sports capital of America.

The next question was even more loaded as a reporter asked Acosta how he was dealing with all the excitement leading up to the big match.

"How have you quieted the chaos? What have you been doing to relax your mind? And hanging out? You Netflix and chilling? What's your vibe?"

Again, Acosta just rolled with the punches and ignored the fact that the reporter clearly did not know what "Netflix and chill" actually means. Or maybe she did and that's the most honest question we've ever heard.