Kelly Olynyk Was So Fired Up For a Free Chicken Sandwich

Kyle Koster

Scholars are split on why human beings get more excited for free trinkets of minimal value even after they've spent a tremendous amount of their disposable income to attend a live sporting event, but the why is not important. We all know this to be true. Anyone who has ever gotten a free coupon because the ol' home team did something well knows the unique thrill. In Utah, fans earn a gratis Chick-fil-A sandwich when the opposing side goes 0-for-2 during a trip to the free throw line and the excitement is palpable every time the front end misses the mark.

Kelly Olynyk is a professional basketball player but also a human being himself, so he was powerless to getting caught up in the moment while watching the game against the Los Angeles Clippers from the bench last night and let the emotion course through his veins. As a result we got a performance that looks very much like something James Franco's character would have done in Pineapple Express while being dressed like he would be dressed.

Sports. There's nothing like them. Just a perfectly stupid ecosystem where something can mean everything and nothing at all at the same time.