Badly Needing a Toilet, Kelly Clarkson Says She Once Destroyed a 'Poor Trash Can' During a Performance

Kelly Clarkson launching into her darkest material.
Kelly Clarkson launching into her darkest material. /

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs at 3 p.m. where I live. I only mention that because on Thursday Clarkson gave one of the most animated descriptions of a bathroom emergency that has ever aired on a daytime talk show. I mean, Oprah has done it all on TV, but she's probably never shared a diarrhea story.

Here are the most important quotes from Clarkson's story. Perhaps the three most unlikely things you thought you would lever hear Kelly Clarkson say.

"It wasn't pee, my friend."

"I got some kind of wrecked-up from some kind of food."

"I grabbed this poor trash can and boy, I destroyed it.

And yet, this was somehow all topped when Clint Black then said, "I'm just trying to visualize, hold on."

If you need to go watch the Since U Been Gone video as a palate cleanser, no one will blame you.