Keith Olbermann Releases Never-Before-Seen 1997 Boston Market Commercial

Kyle Koster

The year is 1997. The Hartford Whalers play their last game. Tiger Woods shoots 18-under par while winning The Masters. Keith Olbermann is a few months away from leaving ESPN for the first time. He is serving as the pitchman for Boston Market in commercials like this.

And this.

It was a simpler time. A hungrier time when the answer to all life’s problems was, in fact, to eat something.

Things changed. The sands of time moved through the hourglass. These spots were largely forgotten to history. Until last night when Olbermann blessed the world with this previously unreleased Boston Market footage.

Oh, heck yes.

This is better than 85 percent of ads currently airing. I think I speak for all of us in hoping Olbermann and the rotisserie chicken-centric establishment can rekindle the magic for a new campaign at some point.