Keelan Cole Sr. Hit the Packers Punter With a Devastating Juke on a Punt Return Touchdown

Stephen Douglas
Keeland Cole Sr. jukes JK Scott.
Keeland Cole Sr. jukes JK Scott. /

Keelan Cole Sr. of the Jacksonville Jaguars had a brilliant 91-yard punt return touchdown against the Green Bay Packers. Cole hit the right holes, got the right blocks, and then put a serious move on Green Bay punter JK Scott. Despite having the angle, Scott had his ankles broken by Cole's juke and never stood a real chance.

What a beauty. Despite this punt return looking so effortless, he had only returned one career punt coming into this game. The Jags might be wise to continue using him there.

As for JK Scott, he's just going to have to learn to live with this highlight.