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Keegan-Michael Key Nailed 'The Last Dance' Parody on Saturday Night Live'

Stephen Douglas
The Last Dance on Saturday Night Live.
The Last Dance on Saturday Night Live. /

Keegan-Michael Key hosted Saturday Night Live last night. It appears to be the first time a MadTV castmember hosted the show. The entire episode got mixed reviews (as do all episodes of SNL), but they nailed this deleted scene from The Last Dance.

Key just popped in an earring and let Michael Jordan's personality do the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, Heidi Gardner as John Michael Wozniak was truly inspired. Then you have Keenan Thompson show up as Charles Barkley and you can't miss.

More importantly, this looked and felt like a real deleted scene. It even seemed like the kind of footage that definitely exists that was left out of the documentary for reasons. Mostly because it showed Michael Jordan's comeptetive side might sometimes taken gambling stakes too high for someone involved.

Here's the original clip that live on forever.

If they dediced to do a full hour of an 11th episode, I don't think anyone would mind.