There is Just So Much Going On in These KBO Highlights

Kyle Koster
Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

This has become a KBO-centric blog in recent weeks because if there's halfway decent baseball going on anywhere in the world, we're going to seek it out and enjoy it. ESPN's decision to put one of the five games per day on television has been tremendously helpful in diving into the league headfirst.

The one thing missing has been easily digestible highlights to recap the untelevised action. That prayer, though, has apparently been answered as these just came across the transom.

KBO Highlights

That music is so damn familiar. Feels like it's from a popular podcast and definitely not anywhere before that. Makes me think of football for some unknown reason.

The content creators here really do a good jump capturing the excitement. My beloved KT Wiz almost blew a 13-1 lead today. And it didn't even feel too crazy considering the nearly-ubiquitous brutal bullpen work on display six days per week.