KBO Game Ends in Comedic, Intensely Chaotic Nature


If you're not following the KBO this year then you've missed the mighty KT Wiz streak out to the top of the table even after losing reigning MVP Mel Rojas Jr. to Japan. There's still plenty of ball left to be played if you'd like to rectify this blind spot, though we cannot promise that there will be a game-ending play more bizarre than what happened in today's LG Twins-SSG Landers game. In Korea or anywhere else in the world.

Brace for maximim chaos.

With the score deadlocked at 5-5, SSG had the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the ninth. A rocket near the third-base bag should have been an inning-ending double play but turned into something more confusing when the defender opted to touch third with his glove, eliminating the force play at the plate. The runner trying to advance from third got caught in a rundown, which culminated with both he and the runner from second — who has already been forced out — occupying third base. LG's catcher inexplicably opted to chase the trail runner back to second, allowing the game-winning run to scamper home as everyone in the stadium tried to piece together what happened.

As you can see from that paragraph, there was a lot going on. SSG's delayed reaction to winning the ballgame is proof-positive that not a single person was up to speed on what was happening in real time.

Baseball. Something new every day.