Kayleigh McEnany Brought Her Husband to Work and He Didn't Wear a Mask to a Press Briefing

Stephen Douglas
Kayleigh McEnany at a briefing.
Kayleigh McEnany at a briefing. / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Today was Bring Your Baseball Player to Work Day at the White House so Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's husband, free agent pitcher Sean Gilmartin, attended today's press briefing. He did not wear a mask. At the end of the press conference, a fatherhood podcaster (huh??) shouted, "You crushed it, Kayleigh!" as McEnany left the briefing room. That's when New York Times photographer Doug Mills pointed out that Gilmartin, who was in the back throughout the briefing, should have been wearing a mask.

It was originally thought that Gilmartin had been the one who shouted. Either way, a staffer acted incredulous because of who Gilmartin was married to. As a reminder, McEnany had coronavirus in October because she was hanging around with people who don't wear masks.