Kayla Harrison Calls Out Media Member For Disrespectful Question About Genah Fabian's Looks

Stephen Douglas
Genah Fabian and Kayla Harrison
Genah Fabian and Kayla Harrison /

Two-time American Olympic judo medalist Kayla Harrison will face Genah Fabian this Saturday at PFL 8 on ESPN. Today there was a conference call with Harrison and Fabian and one media member asked one of the worst questions in the history of MMA press events, which is saying a lot.

The full clip is below if you want to watch both their reactions throughout the interaction, but FanSided's Amy Kaplan spliced together the original question and Harrison's response.

"Millz" from Pub Sports Radio started his question by mispronouncing Genah's name and then saying "don't take it the wrong way, but you're a pretty woman." He eventually asked a question about whether Fabian would be aggressive. Fabian brushed it off, only pointing out how to pronounce her name before giving a professional answer.

Millz then asked Harrison a question which she answered very quickly before asking him if he would ever ask something like that to a guy. Millz tried to backtrack and explain what he really meant, but Harrison was having no part of it.

It really is amazing what kind of access you can still get in mixed martial arts even with the sport being as mainstream as it can be on ESPN.