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Kay Adams Threatened a Finance Bro, Nearly Got Dragged Away by a Large Puppy on 'GMFB'

Stephen Douglas

The good folks of Good Morning Football ventured out onto the streets of New York City this morning. Despite the fact that it was a beautiful 50-degree day, Peter Schrager looked like he was freezing and Kay Adams dressed like it was freezing. Meanwhile, Kyle Brandt and special guest host Michael Robinson looked incredibly comfortable. Beyond the weather, the show created some excellent clips in just a few short minutes.

For some reason they had a Burnese Mountain Dog and made Adams hold the leash and it almost took her down.

Fired up by the combination of fresh air and nearly being dragged through midtown by a large puppy, Adams then got into it with a finance bro.

But don't pay too much attention to Adams. Remember, GMFB is an ensemble. And once Schrager got warmed up he ran a route, dragged his goes in front of the yellow lines and completed the process of a catch on a brisk December morning. And then he celebrated.

There really is no other show on television quite like this. Football or otherwise.