Kawhi Leonard Will Apparently Consider 1/6 of the NBA As a Free Agent


Cris Carter sounds very sure that Kawhi Leonard has five teams on his radar as he enters free agency: The Raptors as the favorite and then in no particular order the four teams from Los Angeles and New York. He says very authoritatively that these teams will all be a part of the discussions. Add it all up and it’s 1/6th of the league!

As has been noted before, Carter’s agent when he was an NFL player was Mitch Frankel, who reps Kawhi now.

Carter mentions the Raptors as the favorite for a number of obvious reasons: The moments from winning a championship, the fact that they can pay him the most money, and his strong rapport with their team doctors.

It’s pretty difficult to imagine Kawhi picking any team besides the Raptors or Clippers. The Lakers aren’t going to have room for another max deal after the Anthony Davis trade, and there’s just no way he’d want all the attention that would come from playing for them with LeBron.

Regarding the Knicks and Nets, we’ve heard time and again that Kawhi has been jonesing to get back to the West Coast. Why would he leave Toronto, which as we’ve already said can pay him more money and he already knows is a great situation, for either of them?