Kawhi Leonard Watch Has Reached a Fever Pitch

Kyle Koster

Kawhi Leonard is trying to pick a team for next year and the years that follow. The situation went from a feverish rumor frenzy to surreal today. First there was a Flight Tracker dispatched to follow the movements of a Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment plane flying from California to Toronto.

Then there was a mysterious figure with an obscured face, yet familiar body language.

Which led to a White Bronco moment on local news.

And a circus-like atmosphere where the presumed Leonard-Raptors meeting is to take place.

It’s pretty jarring that so many people so interested in Kawhi staying in Toronto seem hell-bent on doing the very thing that could spook him off, but hey, content is content.

Surely things will get weirder as the day progresses. All bets are off at this point.