Kawhi Leonard Rumors: No Decision Yet, Lakers Not Ahead of Clippers or Raptors

Ryan Glasspiegel

For anyone hoping that we can get hard, firm Kawhi Leonard news in time to enjoy July 4th and all the trimmings in peace and tranquility, sorry it won’t be that easy. Cris Carter has the latest:

You may reflexively scoff at the notion that Carter is some sort of guru here, but he’s been more plugged into Leonard’s reclusive camp than anyone else. He’s worth believing on stuff like this.

Yesterday, there was a big saga where a Redditor who apparently has been spot-on with Lakers news reported essentially that it was a matter of dotting i’s and crossing t’s to get a deal done there. There were also similar rumors that the Clippers were out of the chase. This is why we have trust issues during NBA silly season.

On Get Up today, Woj didn’t sound like he believed a decision was imminent:

Whatever decision Kawhi makes will have a huge hand in shaping the NBA’s landscape next season.