Kawhi Leonard Only Signs Three-Year Deal With Clippers


Kawhi Leonard is officially a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, but there’s an odd twist to the story. Leonard has only agreed to a three-year contract.

Leonard has essentially agreed to a two-year deal and can opt-out after that. At that point he’ll be a 10-year veteran and would be eligible for a super-max deal. It will also give him the opportunity to opt out and become a free agent in 2021, the same as Paul George.

This also means Leonard could bolt from the Clippers if things don’t go well over the next two seasons. Which, I mean, obviously has to make the franchise nervous.

Leonard and George are both locked in together for the next two seasons, after that the team could look wildly different. We’ll see what develops, as Kawhi hasn’t been the most accommodating teammate in the past.