Kawhi Leonard Helpfully Calls a Foul on His Teammate Eric Gordon

Kyle Koster
Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Clippers took down the Golden State Warriors for their fourth consecutive win and now sit fifth in a tightly packed Western Conference. They could end up hosting a first-round series or being in the play-in tournament. But wherever they are seeded, they'll confidently enter with talent to burn and the chance that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George finally put it together when it matters.

That's the big-picture, 30,000-foot view of things. What follows is a brief appreciation of something weird Leonard did last night. Which is signal his teammte Eric Gordon for committing an offensive foul when he committed an offensive foul.

Extremely helpful yet also highly unusual.

Honestly, this is a breath of fresh air as NBA games are often 48 minutes of every player on the court arguing the most obvious of fouls. So much so that you wonder if they're doing a bit or have just lost all connection to reality.

It could have been a reaction or it could be part of a carefully designed plot to engender trust with officials before the playoffs. Anything is possible.