Kawhi Leonard Got Very Upset For Kawhi Leonard

Kyle Koster
Kawhi Leonard in happier time.
Kawhi Leonard in happier time. / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard is one of the least demonstrative basketball players to star in the NBA. His stoic nature has been noticed and celebrated. Perhaps the next generation of hoops stars will follow in his footsteps and be extremely chill on and off the court.

Leonard, of course, is still subject to the same human emotion we all encounter. He's just better at keeping them from being outwardly reflected. But from time to time, they come out.

This afternoon, for instance, Leonard lost it -- for him -- on Landry Shamet after the two miscommunicated on a pass.

Trouble with co-workers is the worst. The only difference is no one sees you duking it out in the cubicle with Dave.

Things feel apart for the Clippers after this incident as the Kings scored 11 of the last 13 points to snatch the victory.

Hopefully Kawhi calms down in the locker room. Bet he does.