Kawhi Leonard Joining the Lakers According to Stephen A. Smith's Sources


Kawhi Leonard has yet to make a decision in free agency, as he’s still deciding between the Toronto RaptorsLos Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. But on Wednesday we got a little news from an NBA insider that might point in a specific direction.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith claims sources have told him Leonard is going to the Lakers:

"Stephen A smith telling Chris Haynes his sources are telling him Kawhi is going to the Lakers pic.twitter.com/enSVDVIdya — ? LALeBron ? (@LALeBron23) July 3, 2019"

Stephen A. hedged a bit there, saying he didn’t know if it was true, but it’s worth noting other insiders have hinted the same thing.

Obviously no one knows where Leonard is going to wind up, but it is interesting that Smith’s sources seem to all be pointing in the same direction.