Kate Upton Says the Yankees Told Her She Couldn't Wear Tigers' Gear at Yankee Stadium

By Mike Cardillo

Earlier this week Kate Upton watched Justin Verlander pitch at Yankee Stadium from the Legends seats and received a ball from her beau. Friday Upton filled in for Kelly Ripa, taking the co-host chair next to Michael Strahan on Live! with Kelly and Michael.  The conversation turned toward baseball (around the 2:35 mark of the video above) and Upton mentioned she was a Yankees fan, but her allegiances have since changed because she’s, “sleeping with the enemy.”

Throughout the story, Upton never mentions her boyfriend who plays for the Tigers (Verlander) by name. Strahan eventually asked if he’s allowed to say Verlander’s name, as if it’s some state secret. (Upton and Verlander have continually played it coy about their relationship.)

Upton also recounted that the Yankees wouldn’t allow her to wear any Tigers gear in her seat during the game. Upton said, “They specifically told me, the Yankees told me, they’re like, ‘You’re not allowed to wear a Tigers’ hat. You’re not allowed to wear any Tigers’ gear.’ It’s like a bad breakup.”

Clearly the Yankees didn’t want a repeat of what happened circa 1992 when a woman named Elaine Benes wore an Orioles hat in the owner’s box, causing quite a stir.