Kate Upton, Justin Verlander Went to the Cavs-Bucks Game with CC Sabathia


LeBron James return to Cleveland helped turned a Tuesday night Cavs-Bucks game at the Quicken Loans Arena in early December into a destination for famous people. Well, a destination for Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, along with CC Sabathia, at least. Apparently, Johnny Manziel also has a courtside seat tonight, although why would the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns he be out at a professional sporting event that tipped off at 7 p.m. on a weeknight when he has a game in 96+ hours vs. the Colts? Doesn’t sound like the Mr. Football we know and respect. Anyway…

Upton appears to be a big basketball fan. Last month she was spotted courtside at a Knicks game. Verlander was there, too, although his presence was overshadowed by somebody named Taylor Swift. (I know, right). Here’s a picture as proof.

Upton and Verlander also make their way to the kiss cam tonight. Moondog, the Cavs canine mascot, was thrilled.

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