College Volleyball Player Diving on a Table is Probably the Best Sports Play of the Year

Stephen Douglas

High-level volleyball matches are inherently insne. The ability of the players to sacrafice their bodies to keep the ball from touching the floor can lead to some crazy rallies and we saw that this weekend as Houston beat South Dakota in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The only difference in this one is that Houston's Kate Georgiades dove onto a table like a Buffalo Bills fan to save a ball.

The play was so good that it topped the SportsCenter Top Ten on Saturday night.

The various reactions of her teammates and coaches are just as good. Equal parts horror, relief to see she survived, and joy because they just saw something both incredible and badass. Meanwhile, Georgiades was not phased at all by her play and was back in position by the time the ball was returned.

Thanks to all the teammates who helped clean up her mess.