Karl Malone And Dennis Rodman Actually Wrestled the Main Event at WCW's Bash at the Beach in 1998

Ryan Phillips
Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman with Diamond Dallas Page and Hulk Hogan
Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman with Diamond Dallas Page and Hulk Hogan / MIKE NELSON/Getty Images

During the final night of The Last Dance, we were all reminded that Dennis Rodman actually had a foray into professional wrestling in 1998. Rodman joined up with Hulk Hogan and the nWo in WCW for a brief stint smack dab in the middle of the Chicago Bulls' run to an NBA title. What many may have forgotten is that Rodman actually wrestled against Utah Jazz big man Karl Malone on a pay-per-view that summer.

Yes, at 1998's Bash at the Beach, Malone teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to fight Rodman and Hogan in the main event. The pay-per-view took place on July 12, which was less than a month after the conclusion of the Finals. Rodman and Malone had some well-publicized battles during the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals, so WCW clearly wanted to take advantage of that storyline.

The fact that two prominent, active NBA players were wrestling a few weeks after the season is simply mind-boggling.

Hogan and Rodman won the match, which is widely regarded as one of the worst WCW ever put on. It also lasted an interminable 23 minutes and 47 seconds, which is an eternity considering two of the participants had never wrestled before.

Here's some footage to remind you that yes, this is a thing that actually happened:

This was one of many major missteps WCW made in the late 90s that led to the company folding and eventually being bought by WWE. Having that match as the main event of a massive pay-per-view was such a self-inflicted wound. If the company was going to have that kind of gimmick fight at all, it should have come in the middle of the card.