Kareem Hunt Will be Banned From Browns Facility During Suspension

By Kyle Koster

Kareem Hunt won’t be allowed to participate in an team activities or even set foot in the Cleveland Browns facility during his suspension. The Browns had asked the NFL to allow Hunt to be around the team during his suspension but the league has denied the request.

Hunt was suspended eight games by the NFL for two physical altercations he was involved in, including one where he shoved and kicked a woman. He’ll be eligible to return to the Browns in November and will be barred from the team’s facility beginning on Saturday, when teams must submit their 53-man rosters.

The Browns requested that Hunt be allowed to participate with the team, arguing he could use extra support while barred from playing. The NFL rejected that reasoning.

Suspended players have always been banned from team facilities but it’s an idea that doesn’t really make much sense. I mean, they’re not playing and practicing, who cares if they hang out with their teammates, sit in meetings, watch film or workout at the team’s facility?

I’m sure the NFL has its reasons for that rule, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.