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Kareem Hunt Sr. Has No Use for Baker Mayfield, Punctuation

Kyle Koster
Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson managed to outplay Baker Mayfield in a crucial AFC North matchup on Sunday night, which is a remarkable feat considering he threw four interceptions. The Cleveland Browns quarterback continued an incredibly gutty yet no less disappointing season that looks more and more likely to end without the playoffs. Although it is probably prudent to usher in a swift and complete shutdown of Mayfield takes until what we can figure out what the hell is going on — or at least until we see him reasonably healthy again — the unstoppable content mill churns on.

Among the frustrated parties last night was Kareem Hunt Sr. The running back's father took to Facebook to vent in typical Facebook fashion: in a way that would make everything more awkward for the family and with a complete disregard for punctuation.

The younger Hunt contributed 20 rushing yards on seven carries against the Ravens, which isn't very good. If you stacked all the runs together, end-to-end, they'd be shorter than each individual sentence penned by dad.

Hunt makes the distinction that he is not like Odell Beckham Sr., who made headlines by posting his son out of Cleveland. And while it's not quite the same, it's simply not a good thing when the Skill Position Dads all get together to rip the quarterback. Very strong travel ball vibes with the Browns this year.