Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Continues Beef With Donald Trump

Ryan Glasspiegel

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a guest on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC Thursday. Earlier this week, the NBA Hall of Famer wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post crushing Donald Trump. “Although each absurd, uninformed or just plain incorrect statement seems to give Trump a bump in the polls, there are only so many times supporters can defend his outrageous assault on decency, truth and civility,” he wrote. “Yes, a few will remain no matter what.”

Trump, of course, responded:

On Maddow’s program, Abdul-Jabbar took issue with Trump’s attacks on the media: “The first amendment is such an essential part of what our democracy is about, and when you attack journalists to stifle criticism, you’re really stifling the public discourse. The fact that we can engage in some critical analysis of what someone says and ask them questions — that makes our democracy work.”

And then he really went for the jugular:

“Political campaigns are about style and substance,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Mr. Trump’s style is very attractive — the reason that he’s able to get all this attention and have the following that he does is because he says things in a way that inspires people or makes them feel good, but pretty soon there’s gonna have to be some substance. And, when we hear exactly what the substance is, and what his programs are for his vision of America, I don’t think that his candidacy is gonna last very long beyond that.”

[Videos via SportsGrid]